Portable Toilets

We have a range of different options when it comes to portable toilet solutions. From our standard chemical toilet to our more luxurious offerings with heated water and mains connections. When hiring all of our portable toilet solutions you will receive weekly service from one of our dedicated 1000 gallon disposal tankers which includes complete emptying of internal tank, refill of chemicals, internal clean and renewal of toilet tissue.

Our Standard Chemical Toilet offers air vents at both the bottom and the top to circulate clean air to help provide a fresh toilet experience with each use. Other features include antibacterial hand spray, a 2 roll toilet tissue dispenser and a 200 litre tank.
With all the features of the standard this portable toilet makes for a comfortable experience only to be enhanced with the addition of a cold water hand basin.
Including all the features of our standard model with the addition of an electric hot water heater and hand basin the Classic – Hot Water will help provide a more sanitary and comfortable environment. This model requires electrical hookup on site.
The Classic Luxury has all the same features as the standard model. Great ventilation, large tank and 2 roll dispenser with the addition of a vanity mirror and hand basin with electric hot water heater. This model requires onsite electric hookup.
This solutions if great if you have mains sewage connections and electrical hookup on site. With all the wonderful features of our Standard model and the convince of mains sewage and electrical hookup for a hot water basin.
A 5ft square portable toilet with metal hand rails all the way around the inside this is the perfect solution for wheelchair users. With all the features of our Standard model and even room for an assistant.

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